Blessed with over a million acres of crystal clear lakes and countless ancient canoe routes, the Temagami region of Ontario offers the very best of the Canadian Shield topography. Deep boreal forests and impressive glacial stone are the main features of the landscape and are home to multitude of plant and animal species.

View from the Temagami Fire Tower

The natural beauty of the landscape provides a tantalizing setting for the development of new skills and passions. Over the years the Temagami region has become in fact a leading destination for many canoe enthusiasts and wilderness seekers from around the world.

Temagami is also rich in human history, home to the Anishnabai people for thousands of years became a vital fur trade centre with the establishment of the first outpost of the Hudson Bay Company. Evidence such as the 6000 years old pictographs on Diamond Lake transports travelers back in time to an age of camaraderie, hard work, and survival, a reminder that the world existed before computers and email!

In the early 1920’s Temagami was widely known even in Europe thanks to Grey Owl, whose real name was Archibald Belaney an English young man who at the age of 17 decided to follow his dream and live as a Native American. He came to Temagami, where he was adopted by the Ojibway of Bear Island, he become a trapper and later on rose to fame as a writer and lecturer primarily on environmental issues, a man well ahead of his time…

A sublime combination of adventure, First Nation culture, and awe-inspiring natural wonder is offered by the Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park. Within its boundary are some of the last remaining stands of old growth forest in Ontario, the Ishpatina Ridge (highest point in Ontario), Maple Mountain (highest vertical rise in Ontario), and the stunning waterfalls on the Lady Evelyn River.

Old Growth Forest

This is a beautiful movie by Goh Iromoto with Ray Mears about Temagami and Grey Owl whose message echoes today stronger then ever…