From Diana

From Diana

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Hello everyone, I met Francesco for the first time in 2008, he sent me an invitation along with a flight ticket to Toronto airport… What would you have done?

I have traveled to many places before but never really felt a sense of belonging. Canada was different, I fell in love almost immediately with the beauty of the Country and I was thrilled by Francesco’s lifestyle, so authentic and truly connected with the Land.

I am a designer, however, my background is on Social Services. I have been a professional Educator for over 20 years, first in a Centre for people with disabilities and after in a Professional School for youth-at-risk. Thanks to these experiences I acquired a great ability to work under stress or managing emergencies situations.

While Francesco is definitely the Yang I am the Yin side of CanadaWildOut, we perfectly balance each other in so many ways. I am the camp coordinator, in charge of our menù planning, outfitting and accommodation. I strive to provide our guests with the outmost attention and service from the moment they arrive… Italian style of course!

I am grateful our life allows me to pursue many interests and give wide breath to my artistic side… Permaculture and auto-production are among my favorites hobbies, I dedicate plenty of time to our gardens, we like to grow our own vegetables and herbs, however, it’s a real challenge keeping rabbits and chipmunks at bay… I wear Carhartt pants and a bandana most of the time, a Leatherman’s tool on by belt and I feel very comfortable with my hands dirty and my hair unkempt… who would have thought?