With over 4000 Km of canoe routes, the Temagami region of Ontario is one of the province’s best kept secrets. As the traditional way of travel for the local native peoples, canoeing will be forever the heartbeat of Temagami and one of the true pleasures offered to anyone blessed with an adventurous spirit!
The challenge of a wilderness expedition is something that builds character and tests one’s self-reliance. It’s a challenge that many of us want to appreciate time and time again.

Paddling is a great way to disconnect from everything non-essential and stress-inducing, and to connect with the important things in life.We may paddle in different ways and for different reasons, but the common goal of all paddlers is connection.

Connection to the land: rugged, beautiful, and bountiful, providing everything we need to survive as long as we know how to interact with it. And finally, connection with ourselves: to our physical strength and our raw emotions, unfiltered by technology or the expectations of others.

Ferguson Bay

Our canoe adventures are authentic wilderness experience for adults and youth alike, which offers a truly unique opportunity for personal growth in a highly structured and supportive environment.

The purpose of this experience is to introduce our participants to the Temagami region, focusing on having fun and becoming comfortable with the basics of canoe tripping and survival skills while learning to appreciate the natural beauty, local wildlife and splendor of Canada’s wilderness.

Wakimika lake

We will spend a day or two at our base camp, learning canoe strokes, survival techniques, portaging skills, water rescue, and low-impact camping etiquette.

Once ready and our gear prepared, we’ll head out on a journey that will take us to the heart of the Temagami wilderness, a land we share with plenty of wildlife such as beavers, moose, otters, bears and wolves…

While you’ll practice and fine tune your skills, you would also develop a strong sense of togetherness, a bond that will see the group through the challenges of a rough portage or a strong headwind.

Once back to our base camp we’ll celebrate our return with a delicious home-cooked dinner and share our stories and experiences by a bonfire, where participants will be awarded with a momentum as a reminder of their accomplishment.

We travel simply, without carrying unnecessary “gear”. All meals, camping gear and equipment, are provided except for your personal clothing and sleeping bag.


Devil’s Mountain: 5 days (4 nights) – $680/person
Temagami Lake – Bear Island- Devil’s Bay – Ko-Ko-Ko Lake – Temagami

Obabika Loop: 6 days (5 nights) – $850/person
Ferguson Bay- Diamond Lake – Wakimika Lake – Obabika Lake – Temagami

Maple Mountain: 10 days (9 nights) $1580/person
Ferguson Bay – Diamond Lake – Lady Evelyn Lake – Tupper Lake – Temagami

In the province of Ontario, Canada, the tradition and culture of the canoe has been passed down through generations.

“The Canoe” is an inspiring documentary by Goh Iromoto: