Our Home and Base Camp are nestled by a beautiful private lake surrounded by Crown Land just north of the village of Temagami, Ontario. Whitney Lake provides the perfect setting for a getaway retreat or to prepare for any wilderness adventure in a very relaxing atmosphere.

The facility includes the main lodge and the guest’s den with plenty of room on the property for camping. Both cottages are made out of white pine with a woodstove and propane lights, while rustic they offer a very charming and comfortable space.

From our base camp we have access to extensive canoe routes and backcountry trails known as “Nastawgan” wich provides countless opportunities for adventure trips either close to home or to remote destinations.

We share our place with a variety of wildlife, from chipmunks to raccoons, lynx, bears, beavers and of course moose, as for birds we have plenty of them, Blue Jays, Hawks, Bold Eagles, Cedar wind waxes, and Robbins, you’ll be better keep your camera handy…

Each experience starts and ends at our base camp where you are welcome to share our accommodation with friends, enjoy home cooked meals, and feel a warm family atmosphere before heading out and again when the trip returns.

Our guided trips are hands-on experiences in every aspect and can be designed to suit any level of experience. You will find only the finest outfitting gear along with a healthy variety of tasty homemade meals. Whether at Base Camp or padding trough a remote lake we are ready to share our experience and passion with you, to make sure your adventure is a rewarding and unforgettable lifetime experience.

Our Base Camp is available from June to the end of September, feel free to contact us for current availability or to explore itinerary options for your Temagami adventure.